Color | Emotion | Movement/Motion | Shapes | Character 

Klübos were originally born in 1964, both with my own birth and the creation of my Father's (Rubén Nuñez), "Sortarios". Little cubes with rounded edges made of glass, Sortarios are exquisite pieces of art. If you own one of them you are very lucky indeed since they were not mass produced and not many survived. In order to safeguard part of his legacy I created my Klübos.  

I started working with resin in order to preserve and enhance my abstract painting. I also felt that I wanted to create something 2 dimensional.

And this is where the story begins...

One winter night, the door to the hutch where my Father's glass works and sketches, as well as my own, opened by itself.

 I closed it and the next morning, the door was open again. At this point, I wondered if my Father, who passed away, is trying to tell me something. I sat on the floor to leaf through his and my sketch books. To my amazement, we had similar drawings. I felt it was kismet. 

I went to work almost immediately, experimenting with size, technique, shape and form.

I use the principles of design, contrast, scale repetition and balance to name a few.

Each Klübo is made from a 2"x2" cube which is then delicate sanded and polished to produce a 4.7oz work of art that is distinctly different from one another and impossible to replicate. 



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